Games and quality traffic generation

Online marketing allows you (amongst other things) to measure in real time your ROI (Return On Investment) as well as all customer interactivity with your online campaigns.
However, today many marketing executives base their media buying decisions around 2 indicators:
          Unique visitors
          Page impressions with advertising
As a game specialist, we believe that these 2 indicators can only show one thing: the highest volume of traffic and to us, quantity over quality is not the right approach.
The indicators than should make sense to a marketing executive are about bounce rates, page views per visit, time on site.
Why? Because they show if visitors are engaged or if they have just landed on your site by mistake. Because they show quality of an audience, engagement of a reader, quality of content which can lead to editorial influence.
If you are B2C focus, then as you want to reach mass market and you try to get your brand out there, then it would work. However when you want to connect your brand to your consumers you need to think about another approach.
This new approach is gamification. When we launch a gamification campaign, we see results today such as average time on site higher than 8 minutes in the game section. People have fun, dopamine is flowing right through their system and they are engaged.  They are in the right state of mind to listen to your messages and to be more sensitive about what you are trying to achieve.
Below you can find an example of the “Vache qui Rit” cheese brand game zone.

By creating a game environment where people can play, engage with content and be aware of messages, you create loyalty. Today we are bombarded by messages in a very intrusive way. With a gamification campaign such as this one, people come when they have free time, their time. They play how long they want and in return they come back to your site because they had a good time.
Creation of a game zone for any companies in any sector:
Ø  Will allow good understanding of corporate messages
Ø  Will allow a close link to consumers in a friendly environment
Ø  Will allow loyalty as consumers can earn points and then prizes. The more they come back the more points they get
Another example is the System U (French Supermarket chain) one:
Finally the French Newspaper France Soir  game zone:
All these examples show the great marketing power games have. They allow interaction line no other. They allow loyalty and more importantly, they allow engagement towards brands.
Games bring quality traffic and will allow any marketing executives to be successful with quick and high Return On Investment.
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