GamFed launches its website

Press Release
London, March 31st 2014
GamFed to launch its website
The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) is announcing the launch of its brand new website ( Founded on January 1st 2013, GamFed is today proud to report that over 100 members across over 60 countries worldwide have joined the confederation.
Membership is open to anyone who is an individual and is involved in gamification in a professional capacity and supports the aims of the International Gamification Confederation. We also welcome companies involved in gamification who support the aims of the International Gamification Confederation. For the year 2014 – Membership fees are an annual fee of 25 Euros per person per year for individuals and an annual fee of 200 Euros for companies plus a fee of 25 Euros per employee capped at 100 employees.
The new website will help our strong community to network, to learn from each other through case studies and best practices. The benefits for members are as follows:
·         Right to use the GamFed logo on your own materials that promote Gamification events and/or activities
·         Receive announcements about events dedicated to Gamification
·         Direct access to other GamFed members to exchange knowledge and benefit from others in the community
·         Special access to training and certification – with member discounts (available soon)
·         Discounts at GamFed organised events
·         Benefit from market surveys, trends and market information available
·         Benefit from networking and best practice sharing
·         Access to Gamification job boards (available soon)
·         Involvement in discussion and decision around governance
·         Access to special offers from other members
Nicolas Babin GamFed Chair stated: “This new website is a big milestone in GamFed’s history. For the past year we have created and consolidated our community, now thanks to the new site, we will expand our benefits to members and ensure everyone adds value to the ever growing gamification market. The look and feel is really about having fun and using game mechanics to engage people around online content. We have applied all our gamification strategies. I would like to thank the GamFed steering committee for their considerable efforts as well as our Polish partner, Michal Bakulinski from MutantLab in Warsaw who has done a great job in developing the site.”
If you are interested in becoming a member and be part of this exciting market, go to
About GamFed:
The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) leads, unites and fosters the interests of industry practitioners, vendors, consultants and educators worldwide for the benefit of the Gamification market.
The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) is aimed at:
– Promoting the gamification market
– Helping networking
– Ensuring consistency in business practices
– Lobbying at an international level for legal issues
– Helping with market vision and market data
– Ensuring consistency in training and standard level
Nicolas Babin, Chair (France)                                     [email protected]
Toby Beresford, Deputy Chair (UK)                        [email protected]
Pete Jenkins, Treasurer               (UK)                                    [email protected]
Roman Rackwitz, secretary (Germany)                [email protected]
Michal Bakulinski  (Poland)                                        [email protected]
Niels van der Linden (Turkey)                                   [email protected]
Kabir Ahmad (Bangladesh)                                        [email protected]
Victor Manrique (Espagne)                                        [email protected]