Inspirational tips from entrepreneurs

Nicolas Babin

Nicolas, agile and growth hacker and mentor, is the co-founder of The International Gamification Confederation.
He has strong leadership skills with extensive working experience from all over the world. Nicolas focuses on international marketing and communication, and has an experience with IPO on the Nasdaq and on NYSE Euronext in Paris.
What skills does Nicolas think every person who wants to start a business should have?
The main skill one needs the most is entrepreneurship. One needs to feel empowered to start a business, you cannot be scared or feel not strong enough, you need to build your business plan, understand what needs to be done, ensure you can do this or you will find the skills from someone else to do what is needed, Once you have the idea and you understand how the business can be done, then your entrepreneurship skills will do the rest.”
What does Nicolas do when he feels that he is loosing his creativity?
It depends, I could use coaches to challenge me and help me restore my creativity. I also use books such as Lean Startups to help me restore my faith and creativity. By going outside of the building, I learn from potential prospects and I regain my creativity.”