Mirambeau’s DiabiLive provides Mobile App Solution for diabetes patients

Mirambeau’s Diabilive Provides Mobile App Solution for Diabetes Patients Looking for a Seamless Solution to Insulin Care at Home
Bordeaux France, November 20, 2017  – MirambeauAppCare’s forthcoming mobile app, Diabilive, promises to be an all-in-one solution for Diabetes patients who self-administer insulin. With multi-user functionality and safeguarding features, such as emergency SMS messages to caretakers, Diabilive allows for more autonomous insulin distribution for seniors and children.
Inspired by his mother’s journey with diabetes, MirambeauAppCare founder Benoit Mirambeau, created Diabilive with his mother and other similar patients firmly in mind. The correct dosages of insulin can be tricky to figure out and may vary from day-to-day with such factors as blood sugar levels, food intake, and physical activity and without a doctor’s supervision, an incorrect insulin dosage could be deadly. The Diabilive app aims to take the guessing work out of the insulin dosage process for diabetes patients.
Based on such user input as food intake and physical activity and a prescription from a doctor, Diabilive calculates and provides the patient with the exact dosage of insulin for the day. The app allows for multi-user access, providing the perfect solution for parents looking to oversee their diabetic child’s blood sugar levels or caretakers to keep an eye on diabetic seniors. Plus, with an emergency contact function, in the case of a hypo or hyperglycemic incident, the app will automatically SMS or email the given contact with information. An SOS button allows for the manual emergency contact function as well.
“My mother has been using DiabiLive since September 2015,” Benoit Mirambeau said. “Thanks to the app, her hypoglycemia episodes have decreased from 30 a month to 5. Same for the hyperglycemic episodes. She knows I can help her from afar, I can calculate for her the insulin dosage along with the other helpers in her private network.”
The goal of Diabilive is to make insulin dosages less of a burden, “Patients can forget their disease, their close family members and friends can better understand diabetes. DiabiLive creates a link between diabetes doctors, patients and helpers. All of them can accompany patients throughout their lives.”
Diabilive is revolutionizing the in-home treatment of diabetes and innovating in the health-tech sphere by offering a comprehensive solution to an often difficult medical procedure. With immediate access to doctors or caretakers, and an intelligent algorithm giving real-time dosage information, diabetes patients now have access to a simpler and safer insulin process with Diabilive.

MirambeauAppCare was named a 2018 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for Diabilive and the team will attend CES 2018 in Las Vegas on January 9-12 where they will demonstrate the revolutionary Diabilive app. They will be at booth 51244 at Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G.
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