Nicolas Babin disruptive week 1st July 2019

I am regularly asked to summarize my many posts. I thought it would be a good idea to publish on this blog, every Monday, some of the most relevant articles that I have already shared with you on my social networks.

Today I will start with Artificial Intelligence and where you can find it in today’s life. I will also comment on the articles.


  • Artificial Intelligence can prevent enormous amounts of damage and water loss from building leaks – how AI can be used for construction work and mainly to avoid water leaks which is the most expensive problem you can have on a site (according to insurance claims).

  • How conversational Artificial Intelligence is providing companionship to the elderly. We all know that loneliness is a terrible problem for elderly people. AI is here helping like many robots to stimulate the brain by providing companionship.

  • Why AI should rightfully mean Augmented Intelligence, not Artificial Intelligence.
  • AI is about augmenting human capacity to do difficult tasks. So could AI mean Augmented or Artificial Intelligence?

On Rensselaer:

  • Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Care. The health care industry is definitely benefiting from AI. Surgeons could do very precise surgeries thanks to AI and doctors will have a much broader understanding of their patients with AI. But what about patients?


Uber buys artificial intelligence firm to advance push on autonomous cars. The transportation industry is working on developing an autonomous car. Already a lot of Minimum Viable Products are available for demos and we see a lot of buses without drivers. AI will help Uber to reach a product that will be fully autonomous. But when it comes to accident prevention, would AI tell the car to avoid the old lady or the mother with her child in a pram? Here Uber is investing in a firm that will help them progress.

On Sunday Guardian:

Artificial intelligence can revolutionise education. Education is one of many industries that could benefit from AI. For example algorithms will tell teachers which students would require more help in what subject or which one is struggling because of difficult family situation. Also AI could help students with greater potential to be orientated better and optimize his/her capabilities.

On IT Business Net:

Artificial Intelligence can create an improved workplace. Workplace is not only about colleagues and how teams get along, it is also about how the environment fits everyone. AI can help in both cases.