Nicolas Babin disruptive week 22nd July 2019

I am regularly asked to summarize my many posts. I thought it would be a good idea to publish on this blog, every Monday, some of the most relevant articles that I have already shared with you on my social networks.

Today I will share some of the most relevant articles about Marketing and digital Marketing. I will also comment on the articles.


As Instagram tests its ‘like’ ban, influencers will have to shift tactics to make money.
Instagram’s test of hiding “likes” on posts just expanded to more markets around the globe. For influencers, or individuals who work with brands to promote services or products on social media, this will likely mean a continued shift away from “vanity metrics” — such as likes or follower counts — and a focus on actual sales. Instagram is one of the most influential network and they will start a trend. Here it is very interesting to see how influencers are going to need to change their way of working.


Inside Walgreen’s marketing strategy.

A great interview of Vineet Mehra, Walgreens Boots Alliance global CMO. He talks about branding, customer experience and segmentation strategie. This is applicable to all.


How to use effectively use marketing tactics to build brand awareness. Great article about 8 marketing tactics that can go a long way in ensuring that a brand leaves a lasting impression on intented customers. This is a positionning question, how do you make a potential customer choose your brand over many others.


Digital Marketing: Latest Way To Acquire Traffic And Drive Revenue For Your Business. How digital marketing helps realtime decision an optimizes traffic acquisition, revenue growth and improves customers loyalty.

On Econsultancy blog:

The biggest digital marketing stories in China. This blog is great as it covers a lot of digital marketing focused stories. Here you can find the latest trends in China on ecommerce. This country has still some huge potential and between Alibaba and you can read how they approach the market.

On the

If you want to hire better people, step up your ‘recruitment marketing’. Recruitment marketing is a new trend that allows you to recruit better and get more loyal employees. Have a read, it will explain how. This is very important as today it is really hard to get the right people for the right job.


How Much Should You Spend on Social Media Marketing? Great article that explains free/paying social media. First ensure your objectives are well defined and then start strategizing wich channel to use. Great way to think this issue through.