Nicolas Babin disruptive week – October 21st 2019

I am regularly asked to summarize my many posts. I thought it would be a good idea to publish on this blog, every Monday, some of the most relevant articles that I have already shared with you on my social networks.
Today I will share some of the most relevant articles about Artificial Intelligence and in what form you can find it in today’s life. I will also comment on the articles.

On TechRepublic:

A very good guide about Artificial Intelligence explaining what it is and how it works. I would also recommend:


Health is probably the industry that will see the best use of AI. It needs a lot of data to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Doctors up until recently did not know everything about their patients. Now with AI and an optimize use of data they can be more precise. In this article, you will be able to read about UC San Francisco launching a center to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence in radiology and medical imaging.


A month ago I wrote the following article: I explained how AI would help the recruiting industry. In this article, the author goes into more detail about the use of video and automation can help recruit.


More and more companies are using virtual assistants. Up until recently , these assistants could help in a very automated way. Nowadays, virtual assistants are becoming more intelligent with chatbots, facial recognition and ML algorithms that help them with difficult tasks. Have a read to understand how it works and the services they provide.

On WRALTechwire:

Privacy is an issue with all digital activity. It has been like this for a very long time. When social networks started in the early 2000, privacy was then a problem but we did not have a solution. Today it is more of an issue, but we have tools and solutions to make it better. Have a read and see for yourself what Google is planning.

On EconomicTimes:

Education is a market that can highly benefit from AI use. Learning obviously with tailored made programs will ensure people success with fun (if you add gamification to it). Here we can read a new way to use AI with real time monitoring of exams. The Artificial Intelligence-driven centre will help in monitoring over 6,000 examination centres on a real-time basis. The centre will have hi-tech facilities to deal with various issues faced by exam centres including detection of malpractices.


Have a read to finish this week’s disruptive week in what SalesForce’s founder thinks of AI and why we should monitor it. Interesting point of view, I am not sure I like the monitoring angle but we would need to find some kind of guideline to ensure proper use of AI.