Nicolas Babin disruptive week – September 23rd 2019

I am regularly asked to summarize my many posts. I thought it would be a good idea to publish on this blog, every Monday, some of the most relevant articles that I have already shared with you on my social networks.
Today I will share some of the most relevant articles about Artificial Intelligence and in what form you can find it in today’s life. I will also comment on the articles.


How AI is changing the landscape of digital marketing. AI helps organize and analyze data. With the use of data becoming regular and consistent, digital marketing campaigns will allow precised and personalized campaigns. People will hence receive information that matters to them at the right time and on the right platform. Have a read, this article tells you what to expect.


AI is being used in schools to detect self harm and bullying. This article will explain how an algorithm has been put in place for a while now. With a reinforcement learning approach, kids participate in a survey and need to tell how they feel about specific issues. The algorithm will then learn and offer solutions to complex situations. So far the results are very promising with 20% less self harm.


Human level intelligence is what searchers and developers try to tend to. Human-level intelligence remains a long way off, but in this article you will see how computers could begin to evolve learning in the same way as natural organisms did – with implications for many fields, including artificial intelligence. Interesting view even if you do not have to agree to everything.

On Crag&

I have for a while now (since 2000) truly believed that AI based robots could help children with disabilities. As head of robotics for Sony for many years, I used AIBO (the intelligent Sony robot dog) to benefit children. In this article you will be able to see how children with autism can interact with robots and what it can bring to them. This is a great example on how controlled technology could benefit the human race.


This article is focused on 2 main points.

  • Businesses welcome automation because it brings efficiency, and efficiency — in both time and money — improves a business’s bottom line.
  • It frees us from trite tasks so that we can unleash creativity and open floodgates of possibilities. Technology won’t supplant us; at least not in the foreseeable future.

Obviously we all have different opinions. I always believed AI was more about Human Augmented (meaning helping humans to take better decisions). However the floor is yours. Let me know what you think.


The need for reliable information about Earth’s climate system is more urgent now than ever before. For example, the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) provides critical feedback to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Teams of scientists have been formed to produce precise details on specific environmental processes.

AI with very high level of data available can predict and help scientists make wise and very documented decisions. This is again all about human augmented.


AI can be used anywhere but especially in areas where you have a lot of data. In this very good article, they focus on smart areas across businesses and explain how AI can improve ways of doing business and ways of making decisions. Very interesting.