Podcast about gamification and big data

We discuss Big Data and Gamification and how they work together.

– what is gamification
– why did you start using gamification?
– what is the purpose of gamification
– how can you use gamification
– which area is best for gamification
– what results can you see with gamification
– could gamification be misused?
– could you give us some examples of gamification you have used in the past?
– pros and cons of gamification
– could you find gamification in everyday online tools?

Data and technology:
– Are we talking on line or off line data?
– What is open data?
– what marketing techniques use data?
– how can data and technology go together?
– does AI use data?
– what is predictive analytics?
– what is big data and how can anyone use it?
– what activities use big data?
– should I be scared of data being available so widely?
– could anyone access all data, is there any type of safety involved?