Press release MirambeauAppCare is the 2018 CES innovation award

Martillac (France), October 24 , 2017
CES 2018 Innovation Awards HONOREE in the software products and mobile applications category 

Martillac (France), October 24 2017 — European company MirambeauAppCare, announced today the company’s selection as a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree in the software products and mobile applications category.  The announcement was made at CES Unveiled Paris this afternoon.
Creator of a medical application designed for patients to work in collaboration with their doctor’s prescription, MirambeauAppCare’s revolutionary new product – DiabiLive – is ideally suited for digital professionals, patients and medical specialists. A multiplatform medical application designed primarily for diabetic patients, DiabiLive provides users and their physicians with greater autonomy.
The patient is managed globally. The application calculates the exact levels of a patient’s required insulin dose based on medical protocol, diet and physical activity.
The application adheres entirely to the physician’s prescription and – thanks to the product’s AI, which develops an expanding understanding of the patient’s condition and treatment requirements – creates an increasingly more precise usage protocol.  And thanks to DiabiLive’s vast network of constantly accessible online caregivers, the patient will never be alone and will always be safe.
“We are very pleased and honored to receive this award,” said Benoit Mirambeau, CEO, MirambeauAppCare.  “We have won many awards in 2016 in France with the Lepine innovation organization. Since then, we set up our company, validated our application with medical experts and we are now entering the final leg of our launching journey in anticipation of receiving European certification shortly. Once the certification is received we will start commercializing DiabiLive in Europe and around the world.” 

MirambeauAppCare will exhibit at CES in Las vegas from Booth 51244 at Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G.
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About MirambeauAppCare :
MirambeauAppCare is a European company that develops medical applications designed to accompany patients in conjunction with their doctor’s prescription in a collaborative way.
Patients create their own network inviting helpers and supervisors to support their medical care activities. The network also assists patients in case of medical emergency.

Applications developed by MirambeauAppCare are compliant with prescriptions thanks to regular medical educational therapy including automated complex medical prescriptions. This predictive medical system allows patients to anticipate their needs and researchers to analyze data to improve protocols.