Product review – Coolpo AI Huddle, the All-in-One 360 4K (full HD) intelligence conference solution

Have you heard of Coolpo?

Up until recently I had not heard of it. They sent me a product to review. It is the All-in-One 360 4K (full HD) intelligence conference solution, called the COOLPO AI HUDDLE. The core technology includes Artificial Intelligence, visual and audio algorithms that are designed for wide-angle smart conference devices. It has 4 microphones, a panoramic camera and a speaker.

The way we work has changed

I have been doing some product reviews for a while now and I have to say that this one has caught my attention, especially because of the pandemic. We have all had to transform our ways of working. We are now using tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and many more on a daily basis. Wherever you are in the world you had to follow strict confinement at some stage. As a professional keynote speaker and an international consultant, over 90% of my meetings are now virtual. Digital transformation means we all work, live, shop and interact differently. However after more than a year of suffering from this Covid virus,  we realize that we have enough and we miss social interaction. Even though the many tools we use are different, the way we use them is very similar. Most of us have a video camera either built in or added on our computer. We all look at the screen and stay seated. I also teach classes and sometimes 8 hours of video conferencing with little or no interaction take its toll.

An intelligent conference solution for all

Coolpo has created an intelligent conference solution that allows you to walk around your table, see all participants and have superior quality sound and image. You will never experience video conferencing like this. The AI algorithms allows visual and sound detection with an optimized experience all around. It allows to track participants in the room where the device is located. It features a 360  surround speaker with very clear sound. Everyone can use it whether for a one to one conference or with many participants. You only need a computer to make it work!

At first I was worried that my data would get transferred and copied to a cloud service somewhere. I quickly realized this was not possible as there are no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth components ensuring all your data is kept on your PC.

Finally, the full HD lens 360 horizontal and 60 vertical field ensures perfect visibility for the whole group in your meeting.

First impression

First when you open the box, you immediately see the quality of the product. A sober tower with a 360 camera and a 360 sound bar. An on/off button and 3 areas to mute your mic, increase or decrease the sound. Very simple to use and understand.

Then you just plug it in your computer and any Visio conference tool you use will automatically recognize it. Very clever and again easy to use, this is truly a plug and play experience.

An easy to use PC software

They also feature a PC software that allows you to choose various camera display options, picture modes (for when you have a one on one conference or with many other participants), picture customization, screen blockage feature and language options (today you have the choice of Chinese, Japanese, English and German). I have thoroughly enjoyed using the software as it is well developed and very self-explanatory. It has allowed me to start my conferences on one to one basis and then whenever other participants were available I could add more screens and make it panoramic as well. I have attached below a screen shot of a special feature ensuring your picture quality is always optimal.

Personal impression

What I like the most with this new device is the fact that you can place the tower in the middle of a table, have the tower connected to a central computer screen and see everyone and ear everyone. It reminds me of the old octopus like microphone array devices that we use in large conference rooms. Except this one has a 360 camera and sound bar. You can walk around it (for those like me who like to walk when speaking) and you will always see others, be seen and also hear and be heard.

I manage digital transformation projects around the world and I believe the Coolpo lens will ease the fact that people are not in front of each other anymore. This is the closest you can be to a participant virtually.


I want to say that I enjoy the experience with the Coolpo lens. It has engaged me more in my daily video conferences. I use it now for all activities with many tools available today. It is easy to use, pleasant to see and very convenient for all.

If you want to order one or check it out a bit more, feel free to click on