Web Analytics Association

From next week, members of the Web Analytics Association will need to vote to choose new board members. I have been interviewed for the position and below you will find my answers. One very important point I would like to make is the WAA has been ran very efficiently by an American board and thanks to them the WAA is where it is today. But, to grow outside the US, the WAA needs to have Europeans on the board to allow an internationalization of its activity. This is why I believe I have a lot to bring to the Web Analytics Association.

What major contribution will you bring to Web Analytics Association and its membership?
I can bring an international vision to the board. I have worked and lived in the US, UK, France, Benelux, Germany and Japan. I understand what requirements are needed and can translate them not only in words but in culture as well.
I can also bring a unique vision of the web analytics market as I was a user for 4 years before becoming a vendor! I understand both sides and can help members set priorities.
Finally, I can bring my extensive experience in communications. I was in charge of all communication for Sony Europe for over 4 years, I know many journalists and understand which channels work best. For the past year at AT Internet (XiTi) I have shown my strong interest in the WAA web site by publishing our press releases and promoting extensively the WAA in Europe.

Why should members vote for you?
Members should vote for me because of what I can bring to the WAA. I have a can do attitude, I am passionate, I work hard and am convinced of the importance of the WAA internationally. I can open new horizons and provide a fresh new perspective.

Where do you think the Web Analytics Association should be in the next two years?
The Web Analytics Association should become the de facto standard for the whole global Web Analytics market. It should help members and the industry to develop into a more global vision of online intelligence. The WAA should help the market grow through various communication programmes, educational courses and coaching activities.

What is the biggest challenge facing the digital marketing industry?
The biggest challenges facing the digital marketing industry are the lack of standards, the lack of common languages between tools and the multiple offers available that do not manage online professionals expectations. It is very important to have an empowered tool agnostic body that will help the market develop into a consistent vision.