Bridging the Gap: How 5G and Wi-Fi 7 Are Paving the Way for Universal Connectivity

As an independent consultant specializing in 5G and connectivity, I’ve had the privilege of closely working with MediaTek, a leading player in the global semiconductor industry. In this article, I’ll explore how MediaTek is at the forefront of bridging the digital divide through the synergistic capabilities of 5G and Wi-Fi 7 to create a more connected world and the transformative impacts they have on various sectors.

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EU Code Week Podcasts

Welcome to EU Code Week Podcasts. We bring coding, computational thinking, robotics and innovation closer to you and for this episode our guest is Nicolas Babin. Nicolas with almost 35 years of expertise traveled and worked across the world, led projects in both the East and West and has even launched the robotics division of Sony Europe. As a EU Digital Ambassador he also shared with us his visions on the future and on how Blockchain, generative AI will become something that we will see more and more.

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