EY Report on the Platform Economy July 2023

Discover the driving forces behind the platform economy in our insightful video. Dive into real-world examples of companies reshaping traditional markets and explore how these digital titans harness network effects to drive growth. Stay updated with the latest trends, understand the underlying business models, and learn how you too can leverage the platform economy for your success. Click, learn, and transform your perspective today!

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Riding the Wave of Transformation: Unleashing the Power of Platforms in the Evolving Business Landscape

I recently came across an insightful report published by EY on June 15th, 2023, titled « What tech companies need to do to turbocharge their platform strategy. » If you’re interested, you can access the report through this link: https://www.ey.com/en_gl/technology-sector/four-ways-to-turbocharge-your-company-s-platform-strategy. I’d like to share my thoughts on the report and its implications for the technology sector as a whole.

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The importance of the customer experience

In this episode, Lauren is joined by Nicolas Babin, a strategic advisor and consultant. Nicolas’ background as a serial entrepreneur, executive, and board member has spanned from startups to multinational tech giants, such as Sony. Today, Nicolas gets excited by opportunities to help innovative companies achieve profitable growth and key business goals.

This time, Nicolas and Lauren discuss why companies need to be prioritizing customer experience, how gamification can help your customer retention marketing strategies, and the ways in which marketing focuses have shifted over the years.

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